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Non-League Day was set up by James Doe in 2010 as a social media experiment, after being inspired by a pre-season trip to Devon to watch Queens Park Rangers play at Tavistock. It has now grown to become an annual part of the football calendar, backed by Premier League and Football League clubs, MPs, celebrities, media organisations, charities and most importantly the non-league clubs themselves and the fans who turn up on the day.

Always scheduled to coincide with an international break, Non-League Day provides a platform for clubs to promote the importance of affordable volunteer led community football while giving fans across the country the chance to show support for their local non-league side.

Many non-league clubs are almost exclusively volunteer run, with money taken at the turnstiles often funding thriving youth set-ups, projects and facilities which are of benefit to the whole community. The level of skill on offer at non-league grounds will never compare to that at the Emirates Stadium or Old Trafford, for example, but there are other sides to the experience, from which the smaller club will always win hands down. The vast majority of games still kick off at 3pm, ticket prices are realistic, you can often stand (and drink!) anywhere in the ground and will always be guaranteed a warm welcome by people who run their clubs for a love of the game.

Whether you’re a Premier League or Championship fan without a game, a League One or League Two supporter who can’t make an away trip, or just someone who is curious about what their local club has to offer, there is sure to be something to interest everyone.


"Non-League Day has become a really important part of the football calendar. It celebrates what is great about English football.
I applaud all those involved in promoting Non-League Day. The fact that its momentum grows every year is down to their hard work alongside those who work tirelessly across more than 600 leagues around the country week in, week out

Martin Glenn

FA Chief Executive

The grassroots game holds up our pyramid and although for many of us every day is Non-League Day, this is a chance to show off our wears to the world.
The continued work of James and the team is everything we should shout about, this is our game and it’s addictive, let’s hook a few more in.

Caroline Barker

The Non League Show

Non league day is an innovative and terrific concept!
Apart from the important extra revenue through clubs turnstiles it is the fact that a new breed of football fan has the opportunity to experience the essence of "real football".
They will be amazed at the friendly and warm experience we all receive week in week out. Never before will they be so close to the action of the game and may even be fortunate enough to mingle with the players after the game in the club bar! Non League Day offers a special and unique experience.

Paul Fairclough

England C Manager

Here at the Football Conference, we totally support the ethos of Non-League Day. Such an opportunity gives all clubs the chance to open their doors and develop new friends and fans to our ever-growing family. This annual event is now well and truly embedded in the football calendar and we sincerely hope that it once more draws forth the recognition it deserves.

Brian Lee

President of the National League

Non-League Day is a brilliant idea. As an ex non-league player I fully support the promotion of our grass roots game.

Chris Waddle

Ex-Tow Law Town, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Marseille, Sheffield Wednesday and England international

Non League Day is a fantastic initiative and Trafford F.C. are proud to support it.
To have one day in the season where the whole country’s ‘non league family’ are united in focusing attention on grass roots football – REAL football – and bring our wonderful world of non league football to a wider audience can only be a good thing.
Last season we offered free admission to Armed Service & NHS personnel, a free hotdog and soft drink for children and a free drink from the bar for adults.
We also had free entry for a penalty shootout at half time for the kids with a great prize on offer of ‘FIFA Football Manager 2016’ which was generously donated to us.
It was a great success - both sets of supporters, new and old, all benefited and we boosted our support. Let’s all pull together to make each year’s event bigger and better.

Melody Stephens

Trafford FC Committee

Ever since its inception, Non-League Day has been a resounding success at Wealdstone FC. Of course, it's the luck of the draw as to whether you have a home match on the designated day, but the key thing is you have to work at it; supporters of the 'big' clubs don't have a natural tendency to just roll through the turnstiles because they don't have a match and need a football fix.
At Wealdstone we have been creative and provided on going incentives for pro club fans to come through the gates - local PR and social media is also important to raise awareness as early as possible prior to the day.
None of this would be possible without the excellent efforts of James, Mike and the team to raise national awareness of NLD and the non-league alternative. With some hard work at the front end any club should be able to pull in some new faces on Non-League Day.

Nick DuGard

Press Officer, Wealdstone FC

On the last Non-League Day (2012), attendance at Coalville Town was 52% higher than our previous best for a league game this season. We had season ticket holders from Leicester City, Derby County and West Ham United come and watch our home game against Leek Town.
Several families took advantage of the family tickets and plenty of kids enjoyed themselves on the free bouncy castle supplied by the Supporters Club. All together a very good day; we won 6-2 with a great atmosphere and fans in good voice. If only it was Non-League Day every Saturday!

Wayne McDermott

Supporters Club Secretary, Coalville Town

Non-League Day is a fantastic initiative and a day we are proud to support. We have increased our attendances on both of the previous occasions when we have been at home and we have used the event to promote ourselves to people who may not normally attend our games.
Last year we admitted Season Ticket holders of ANY Club from ANY Sport for just £5 and we will be having a good look at what we will offer for this year’s event. We would encourage Club’s from across the pyramid system to support Non-League Day.

Rich Widdowson

Director, Worcester City FC

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