Meet the Team. Grow the Gate.

If you are a club interested in finding ways to “grow your gate”, the Our Game Community Scheme, Non-League Day and Fans for Diversity campaign have a joint initiative that will provide funding for an event that brings together your fanbase and local community to identify how to be more supportive and engaged with each other. We have created a 5-step format for your club event: 
  • Have an authorized club official sign up as an Our Game member club for FREE at  
  • Choose a date to hold an event where representatives of the club (e.g. players, management, board members and supporter representatives) are present, so those attending get to “Meet the Team” and personnel of the club (both on and off the pitch). They can ask questions of and get to know the people who make the decisions and take the actions that affect the club. Receive your Fans for Diversity funding for your own club event by contacting us on 0203 714 1255 or at and we will handle your application on your behalf. Events will typically be funded for £250 per club, but applications for larger amounts will also be considered.
  • Spend time discussing lessons learned from the club’s past, its current status both on and off the pitch, and the type of future that can be built with the club as an integral part of its local community. 
  • Learn more about the Our Game Community Scheme and the Fans for Diversity campaign and how this partnership can help you build a stronger club and achieve the goals YOU decide upon. Areas which our partnership can help include but are not limited to:  fundraising for club improvements, hosting events and club led community activities, identifying further resources available to be called upon, support for the team, increasing fan involvement in the club operations and ways in which to “Grow the Gate”. 
  • Enjoy some food and drink, paid for by us, to allow those who attend and contribute to socialize and get to know each other better as the start of a new journey of building a stronger club and community. 
Holding such an event alongside a season ticket offer for example will support attempts to secure season ticket sales and increase confidence amongst fans committing to a season ticket ahead of the new season.  #TeamOurGame