Who are Kick It Out?

Driven forward by our love of sport, Kick It Out is here to fight discrimination. We’re here to make sure football is a game for everyone – and that means putting equality and inclusion upfront. 

We were set up to fight racism in football in 1993. Then in 1997 we expanded to tackle all forms of discrimination, including homophobia, disablism and sexism and misogyny. Since the beginning, we’ve made huge progress on and off the pitch, leading the charge for positive change. We’ve done it by raising awareness, confronting issues and helping our sport be better.

Today we run education programmes for academy players, parents and fans. We campaign to make sure football is always welcoming – to everyone. We support people from under-represented and minority communities to make a career in football and thrive. And we call out discrimination wherever it happens – from your local park to the Premier League to your social feed.

We have evolved over the last five years to become a more solutions-focused organisation with a new brand. We want to inspire, to unite, to support and to challenge all parts of football whether that’s through policy, reporting, education or grassroots.

Why is Kick It Out supporting Non-League Day?

Kick It Out is delighted to be supporting Non-League Day again this year and to give much deserved recognition to clubs in the lower divisions who are an integral part of the national game.

The day is also a brilliant opportunity to celebrate the grassroots and semi-professional clubs throughout the country who create an inclusive space for underrepresented groups.

The clubs, staff and players at these types of clubs deserve a huge amount of credit for the work that goes on behind the scenes and it’s great to see the spotlight shine on those in the lower realms of the football pyramid.

At the mid-way point of this season (up to the end of Dec ‘23), Kick It Out saw a 24% increase in reports of discrimination at grassroots level. This is a concerning trend, and it’s vital that non-league football is a space where everyone feels like they belong.

Non-league, like all football environments, should be places where fans of all races and religions, women, those with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ communities can access and enjoy matches safe in the knowledge that these spaces are for them as much as they are for anyone else. 

Kick It Out would encourage anyone who witnesses discrimination to report it at the link below.

How to report to Kick It Out:

Reporting is our greatest weapon against discrimination in football – without it we are fighting in the dark. So, if you see or hear any discrimination in the stands this Non-League Day, or any other day, please report to us at www.kickitout.org.