Our Game Community Scheme Rewards Platform

Our second community initiative is the provision of First Aid resources and training to support community physical and mental health. This is again in partnership with St John Ambulance. 


Members can help their club earn first aid kits containing all the essentials to help keep players safe and to treat sporting injuries. They can also be used to help with general issues that can arise amongst the gathered spectators. First Aid training is also available. The training will focus on the skills to deal with a wide range of sporting incidents from bone, muscle and joint injuries through to non-sporting incidents and the treatment of an unresponsive casualty.  


This training will support your club in developing suitable plans to respond to medical incidents and emergencies. The training is not a substitute for engaging with suitable medical professionals but will equip more people with the confidence to provide first aid assistance until medical professionals arrive. 


Our partnership with St John Ambulance also allows for training for mental health first aid to support both adult and youth participants at your club. We all have mental health and fluctuate between thriving, functioning, struggling and being ill. The statistics show that even if you are not suffering from mental ill health yourself, you will know someone who is. You just may not realize that they’re unwell, and indeed they may not recognize they are in need of support.  


Our aim with this training is to give people the tools to keep themselves and their communities healthy and to empower people with long term mental health conditions. By creating a supportive culture around mental health, we can all contribute to hopefully stopping preventable mental health issues arising in our communities. 



To find out more about how you can help your club earn first aid kits and access the available training, please contact us on 0203 714 1255 or email communityscheme@ourgamefootball.com 

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