Our Game Community Membership

In addition to providing support to members to help maintain their physical health and wellbeing, we have also made provision to support the maintenance and protection of your mental health and wellbeing. The two go hand in hand to achieve overall health and wellbeing, yet the mental aspect is often overlooked by many. 

The Our Game mental health and wellbeing app, WhatsUp?, will be revamped and relaunched for the start of our new membership year on July 1st 2022. This will provide users with access to mental health support, resources and emergency contact numbers via an interactive app. Access to this will be FREE to all, regardless of your membership level. All it takes to access this resource is the time needed to register for membership. 

If you go on to take out a Gold, Silver or Bronze membership you will also receive access to a 24-hour helpline, enabling you to speak to a mental health professional when required, as well as access to funding for at least 6 face to face therapy sessions a year.  

Please contact the team on 0203 714 1255 or at communityscheme@ourgamefootball.com with any queries you may have.