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Our Game Community Scheme

The Our Game service was built with the aim of unifying the many who play football at any level outside of the professional game to give them affordable access to otherwise largely unreachable benefits essential to every footballer.

With an inherent belief in the value of regular exercise and activity for health and wellbeing whether you are a footballer or not, and being fully aware of what can be achieved with teamwork and a cohesive group, we are delighted to now also be able to extend access to the Our Game services to the community at large in a meaningful and relevant way.

Regardless of your background and walk of life, membership of the Our Game Community Scheme will enable you to not only protect, maintain and enhance your health in these especially testing times, it will also give you access to a number of member only rewards and benefits that you can use for yourself and / or contribute to the greater good of a community of your choice.

Francis Duku
Founder of Our Game

“With Francis having been a member of the Non-League Day team for many years, I had no qualms about working with the Our Game Community Scheme that he has founded on this year's event.

It is fair to say that without the scheme's support, Non-League Day would not be happening as the costs of running it had become too high, so it’s been great for all who look forward to Non League Day that the Our Game Community Scheme was able to step in and help out so much. Added to that they have also been able to bring some great new features and benefits to the Non League Day celebration to help make it even more impactful for those who choose to get involved with the scheme.

With registration being free, I urge clubs and fans to sign up for the Our Game Community Scheme as the benefits are there for all to see.”

James Doe
Founder of Non League Day.

The Our Game Community Scheme is a progression of the core Our Game service to provide meaningful and relevant support to individuals from any walk of life who want to protect, maintain and improve their overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. It creates further engagement by encouraging communities to come together as their own “team” to use inclusive membership benefits to aid and support their chosen community while also providing rewards for the individual members to choose from.

Harnessing the power of communities to work together for a common goal will benefit us all individually and collectively, especially in these challenging and uncertain times.

To celebrate Non-League Day and our longstanding support for the Non League football community, membership is to be launched FREE to all.

Membership Benefits for YOU include…

Physical Health and Wellbeing​

Our Game health and wellbeing membership benefits are now available to ALL whether you play sport or not. With NHS lists at all time highs and predicted to keep increasing until at least 2024, you can opt into one of our “no brainer” memberships and benefit from the value and lifestyle enhancement they provide. 


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Taking care of your mental health should be treated just as seriously as taking care of your physical health when considering your overall health and wellbeing. More people than ever before are realizing this but don’t always know where to turn. We have therefore made access to our mental health and wellbeing app, WhatsUp?, totally FREE to all Community Scheme members, and provide further options to opt in for 24 hour access to a support line and face to face support.  

Membership Benefits for the COMMUNITY include…

Defibrillator Campaign

Utilize the Community Scheme Member Rewards Portal when you do your day to day shopping to earn Our Game reward points. Combine your points with others to be able to earn rewards that can be donated to the local community and for example provide life saving equipment such as defibrillators. Working in partnership with St John Ambulance, the Our Game Community Scheme will also be able to provide ongoing training and support so communities both have more access to defibrillators, and more people know how to use them. 

First Aid Campaign

Another benefit that can realized from use of the Community Scheme Member Rewards Portal is the option to receive rewards of first aid equipment and supplies for your community group or organization. Again working in partnership with St John Ambulance, the Our Game Community Scheme will also be able to provide ongoing training and support to help more people become qualified first aiders to be able to make a difference when needed. This also includes access to mental health first aid training for both youths and adults to make sure all aspects of first aid are provided for. 

Membership Benefits for your CLUB include…

The Fans for Diversity campaign is a joint project by the Football Supporters’ Association and Kick It Out. It’s been running since 2014. Its aim is simple – to celebrate diversity in football to ensure all fans feel safe and welcome at the game, regardless of; age, disability, gender, race, faith, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic. Non League Day 2022 sees the launch of a partnership between The Our Game Community Scheme, Non League Day and Fans for Diversity with the “Meet The Team. Grow The Gate” campaign. This campaign will provide clubs with a £250 grant (applications for larger amounts will be considered) to throw open their doors and run a social event to build on their Non League Day efforts, and provide an opportunity for their fans to come together to socialize and think of new ideas to develop closer links between the club and more people from the local community, to ultimately “Grow The Gate”. This campaign will be fully supported by the facility, structure and available rewards of the Our Game Community Scheme to both kickstart and then sustain any work that goes on to be done both on and off the pitch.